If you have been assigned a folsomhog.org email INBOX, you can access email from the web or by using any number of mail clients.


Click here to log into the webportal to access you FolsomHOG email.  

You user name is your email address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your initial password is: Folsomhog1787$ 

You should choose Roudncube to view your emails on the web.  This is also where you can change your password or set up email forwarding to forward your folsomhog email to your personal email.

Mail Clients:

You can set up your email to be delivered to you smart phone or on you home computer if you use mail clients like Windows Live Mail®,Microsoft Outlook 2010® for Windows®Microsoft Outlook Express® for Windows®, MacOS® Mail.app® or Mozilla Thunderbird®.  You will find instructions for these and others by clicking Configure Mail Client.